Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

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This is currently Phase 1, where I will be focusing on plants and insect life. Back in Phase 0, I had carefully chosen my topic that I will be working with for a month. My plan is to investigate information about the environment and insects that lived with the villagers in Yunnan Province. The purpose of this plan and the topic is to learn about the people in China and how they rely on the environment to form their village and their culture. 


What do you already know (or think you know) about the topic?

There is already an abundance of information I knew about the background. I already know that there is a lot of vegetation, a lot of insect life, and rarely, animals. I assume that there is a lot of plants because the village depends on them. There is a special type of cacti that are common in Yunnan Province and are used frequently for the village. For insects, I believe that they are common because there will be a lot of vegetations like I had said before. From my background knowledge, insects inhabit all seven continents, and Antartica included. What I am trying to say is that insects are common everywhere, so it will not be a surprise if Yunnan Province has different species of insects. Finally, we have animals. I am certain that there is not a lot of wild animals because this topic name had changed from 'Domestic Plants and Animals' to 'Plants and Insect Life'. Also, an Alumni had said that there was not a lot of animals and not much to focus on.


Where did you learn these things?

This knowledge that I learned came from different places. I learn these things and noticed minor details from the Microcampus website when I was doing research for Phase 0. I know that there is a lot of vegetation because Mr. Tafel had told me about the common cacti that only inhabit in Yunnan Province. In other words, this cacti species is unique to the world. I know that there will be insect life because of my background knowledge. As a person who is a big fan of nature, I know a lot of trivia about biology and living species. This is where I got the insect-inhabits-all-seven-continents facts. I actually forgot where I had learned this information. Finally, I learned that there is not a lot of animals from Laura L. from Alumni-S. She had said, "The reason for this change is that when I was gathering information, most of it that I received was related to plants instead of animals." 


What do you want to know about this topic?

As I did my research, I do have some questions and information to ponder about. What I want to know about this topic is the climate and the actual surroundings of the village we will be living and discovering information with. China's landscape is unpredictable. It can be large mountains next to the village or great plains. It can be a big forest or a river nearby. These different landscapes will affect what I will be learning with. If there is a large forest, I will mainly be focusing on trees. If it was a great plain, I will focus more on the flowers or the grass. This is what I want to know when I get to Yunnan Province.


I am Josie C. and I am 13 years old. I grew up in California, however, I moved to Shanghai and went to SAS since 4th grade. Some of my hobbies are learning something new, spending time with my family or friends, reading, drawing, and playing outside. I am a big fan of animals and nature. If I get a chance to explore in the middle woods, I will do so instinctively. I also enjoy browsing the internet on pretty much everything such as the Greek Alphabet or the entire list of what is in the animal kingdom. Anyways, I am so excited to go to Microcampus. See you all there!