Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 7 years 9 months ago
From January 25 to Febuary 21 this year, I will be living in Xizhou with 15 other eighth grade students. During the trip, we will be researching different topics in order to learn more about the village. As part of preparation for our 28 day trip, we have been given a list of 31 possible inquiry topics. After reading the list of topics, I am most interested in local history and religious studies. These two topics sparked my interest because I think that they would really affect the lives of Xizhou's people. I feel that if I were to study these topics I would gain a better understanding of the lifestyle of the people living in Xizhou.
The first topic I mentioned was local history. I have always been interested in history so when I saw that this was one of the possible topics I was immediately attracted to it. Some questions I have about Xizhou's local history are: how did the Flying Tigers leave a lasting effect on Xizhou? Did the Flying Tigers change the locals' views on the Western world and foreigners?  I want to learn more about how Xizhou was founded (for example, was it originally a trade stop or fishing village etc.) and how major historical events affected the local culture and way of life. I think that I could talk to some of the older people in the town to hear about events that had a significant effect on Xizhou. I also think I could listen to some of the family stories to get an idea of how the lives of individuals were affected.
The second topic I am considering is religious studies. I think it would be fascinating to see how the religions affect people's outlook on life. I am curious as to how religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism traveled to Xizhou. I wonder if the way people in Xizhou practice their religions differ from other places in the world.
Out of the topics I am interested in, I have chosen to research Xizhou's local history. I chose this topic because I think that it is essential to understand how what has happened in the past affects the lives of people today. I would like to focus on how the aftermath of Liberation (the start of New China in 1949) affected the people of Xizhou because I feel that the event would have had a huge impact on Xizhou.
In Phase 0, I explored possible topics and eventually chose the topic of local history (specifically how the aftermath of Liberation affected Xizhou and its people). In Phase 1 I will start to collect more information on my topic.
Hey, I'm Marie! I was so lucky to live in Xizhou, even if it was only for a month. It was a lovely place with spectacular scenery and wonderful people. I don't think I could ever forget the things I experienced or the people I met while living in there. I honestly hope that I left a positive impact on Xizhou, because Xizhou definitely left a positive impact on me.