Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

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I plan to investigate Bai Minority architecture. I am always fascinated by the different architecture around the world. This started off when I started getting more interested in the history of building when I went traveling in Europe with my parents. I also enjoy noticing little tiny details of buildings and why it was made in that shape. So I plan to learn more about the architecture and if there is a meaning or a reason of why they build house and other buildings the way they do in that community. This interest also started off with my experience last year in China Alive where we saw how roof tiles were made.

Hey I'm Clara. I'm an 8th Grader in Shanghai American School Puxi. I am Korean though I've lived in Korea for four years, the US for two, Singapore for six and Shanghai for about a year and a half. I love challenges and trying new things. I so excited about being in Xizhou.