Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 1 year 7 months ago

For my inquiry project, some of the topics I was interested in were the local food products, tea and Bai language. Many topics like local history and local recreation were not as interesting to me as the the local food products, tea and Bai language. 


My standard on choosing the inquiry project is that it has to be something I love and something I want to learn about. However, as I started to narrow my topics, I decided that the Bai language was not that much an interest to me. 


Here is why I was interested in local food products/ cuisine:


Local Food Products/Cuisine

I am extremely interested in food. It has always been a dream for me to eat around the world and taste the culture of different countries, cities and villages. I am a huge food person; I LOVE to eat. Different types of food can give you differently feelings. When you taste traditional Chinese moon cake, you get the feeling of every one in your family being united as one. When you taste mango sorbet you get the image of the beach. When you taste sushi you think of the beautiful sakura flowers flying in the blue sky. I want to investigate how other food can impact the person who eats it.


I mainly want to research about:

  1. Rice based products
  2. Traditional Chinese dessert (sweet stuff).


After considering the two topics, I decided to delete tea because in the village on tea grower/distributer are really limited. On the other hand there is plenty of delicious restaurants for investigating local food products. Now that I have decided my inquiry project, I am going to choose a certain topic to investigate on. 


In conclusion, in Phase 0, I have been choosing different topics and limiting the topic choices. In Phase 1, I will start researching about my topic and learn more about it.


I was there... A place where there was orange soil, fresh air, white clouds and red sunsets. A place where there was green grass and blue skies. Also a place without pollution. I am a 13 year old girl who is now in Shanghai. I was born in a very polluted city; but in a very short period of my life, I was here. A place anyone will call paradise. A place where I can call home for 28 days. This experience changed me. I learned from my mistake. I fell over and stood up. I started as a seed but now I am a tree. Xizhou town I will never forget you. I will never forget the people who use to live in Room 9 or YZR. I will never forget the smell of the wooden floor and the sound of birds chirping. This is an end, a memory, and a wonderful beginning.