Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

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will get the chance to go to a village known as Xizhou for 28 days. We got a list of topics to choose from to research on in the village. I went with the topic farming. I choose farming because it is important to many people in the village. Many people grow their own food and their daily life is in the fields. I think it is important to learn about a topic that affects the village so much. 

After closely looking over the list of Inquiry projects, I narrowed it down to 3, farming, imports and exports, and social structure. The reason I chose these three is I think they all make a big impact on the life of a local person. To narrow it down to three, I looked at things needed to help the village. I chose farming because many of the people living in Xizhou rely on farming for meals for their own family therefore making it a very important part of the village. I chose imports and exports because exports are a way for the village to earn money and imports is a way to get things needed in Xizhou. I chose Social Structure because it is important in any place to have followed norms and gender roles.

I did not do social structure because depending on the job someone has in Xizhou I can tell how they are looked at and their social structure. Also farming is more important in the village. Many people count on farming for their daily food. While social structure determines what they do, but farming is more important.

I am interested in learning about farming as this is how many people in the community earn money. Many people in Xizhou grow their own food so if something goes wrong it could affect them and their family. Not only could it affect the farmer's family, but everyone who buys food from the family. This topic is important to me because many people survive on their own farming. I think it would be interesting to find out how much of an impact farming has on Xizhou. I would need to find out what they grow, does the village rely on farming for survival as well as what percentage of the people are farmers. People growing crops produce food for others and those others provide things for the farmers growing the crops. 

I did not do exports and imports because people in Xizhou export what they grow. Therefore exports falls into part of farming. It is important to export items to earn money, but Xizhou mainly exports what they grow in the farm. Also many people in Xizhou depend on farming and if they are not able to farm it puts many lives at risk.

I have made the choice to do Farming. I did this because farming is a very important for many people in Xizhou. I did this topic over imports and exports because in Xizhou they export what they grow so I could talk about exports within farming. Also because who farms in the family/ village can give me an idea of their social structure and how people look at their status. I thought this was the most intriguing topic because the village counts on the food they grow. I am looking foward to learning about the daily life as a farmer and experiencing how farmers live compared to a expat living in Shanghai. 

I read Carlos reflection on his inquiry project on farming. He said that he looked at different technics of farming you need more to it. I had an idea to do different generations in farming. Also this would involve my other topic I choose from, social structure. I could also compare the farming in Shanghai to the farming in Xixhou. Carlos also said that is was hard to find information about farming before Microcampus. To prevent this from happening to me I plan on talking to Carlos and Maddie about advice for early research. 

In this Phase I choose the topic I will be researching in Xizhou. Also I learned about things to know before going. I read reflections and looked at inquiry projects to help me 


I moved to Shanghai from Michigan almost 2 years ago. Although I miss my friends in America, I love it here. In my free time I play sports. I especially enjoy soccer and rugby. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I'm totally the middle child!! One of the things I really enjoy about living in Shanghai is all the vacations and great places I have been. My favorite so far is Boracay, but am excited about New Zealand in December. If I could change one thing about myself I would want to be taller. I am now back in Shanghai. Xizhou It was amazing and was the best 28 days of my life.