Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 5 years 9 months ago

From September to October 2015, I will be with nine other students in Xizhou called Microcampus. We did go out of our comfort zone and out of the "bubble" of Shanghai. There I researched and learned on a topic that interests me. While looking through the possible subjects I noticed that there are many different kinds on things that I could do for my inquiry project. My process of looking through the inquiry projects were just eyeballing what looked intriguing to me and then reading more about that project from former Microcampus students, while also wondering if it will keep me interested for a month. After a while of choosing and deciding I finally choose based on the feedback I got to do my inquiry project on Textile Production.

While I was scrolling down through the projects my eye caught these topics:                                                                                                    

Textile Production (tie-dye*, batik, bamboo weaving, embroidery)
I have chosen textile production as one of my topics because I have made tie dye t-shirts before and have always loved it. While on China Alive in 7th grade I was able to see the shops in Lijiang and saw many different kinds of tie dyed sheets. I would be able to see how they make tie dye, and be able to learn from the tie dye masters. I would want to chose this topic because I am a hands on person so I would be able to work and interact with the people there.
Green Energy
Since I have already worked on green energy before in other projects so I chose not to pick this topic for my inquiry topic. 
Religion of Xizhou
I have always interested in religion, except there have already been many people (including my sister) who have already chosen to do the religious studies topic. 
I am more interested in the Textile production and green energy. After a while of thinking I chose textile production for my inquiry project because I think that it will be interesting to be able to see how people in Xizhou do/make with the tie dye. This is important to me because I think that there are many ways to make things more beautiful, but my favorite way is doing hands on projects. For example, sewing or painting. I saw that there was a thing called batik and I have heard about it and I want to learn more about it. I plan to meet new people and find out new ways to change how things look by the masters. 
I noticed that there were more people who were working on tie dye, and not that many people (in the past) have worked on weaving, embroidery or the whole topic of Textile Production. I have been looking through the previous Microcampus students who have done tie dye, weaving, embroidery and textile production in general. All who have done this topic have been successful and have had a lot of fun doing it, they were also able to interact with everyone there ( Vanessa P. from alumni- F). Miranda M. from alumni D says that she was able to learn more about herself. 

In Phase 0, I looked through the different topics for my inquiry project, and choose which topic I will be doing (textile production). In Phase 1 I will be researching about my topic and finding more information and thinking of questions so that I will not only have fun in Xizhou but also ensure success. 

My name is Jacklyn M. I am 13 years old. I'm really excited to be going to Xizhou for Microcampus. I was born in Newport in Los Angeles, California, and lived in Shanghai for 10 years. I chose to go to Microcampus to learn in a different environment besides just the school. I am now in Xizhou and I will be working on Textile Productions. I can't wait for the adventure ahead of me and for all the ups and downs during this month.