Packing and Planning to Send Our Kid Away

We are excited to send Lexi off to Microcampus. Lexi is two of three in our home. She is part of our team. We spent a day shopping for the requested items on the packing list. She is getting better the more we travel to pack less each trip. Lexi traveled back to camp in California alone last summer but it was easier knowing that Target was close and she could buy whatever she needed if she forgot something. That camp took away phones for the week. Not communicating for a week was a challenge. Counting on others for the safety and well being for your kid takes courage. There was no way to get to her if something happened. This is the second time, it gets easier the more times they leave and come back safely. 

We decided to move up American Thanksgiving to before she leaves for Microcampus. It is a strong tradition for our family. It is not the exact date, but rather the meaning of the day that makes it special. We all share every year what we are thankful for during the year. We, also, eat turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, and desserts in quantities unlike any other day of the year. This year, we are thankful our three children are enjoying their experiences in China and have made friends. We hope Lexi can share homemade US mashed potatoes with the secret ingredients of parmesan cheese and butter. Can I send that in her bag? Lexi is used to doing weekly chores, helping cook and clean, care for animals, and be an integral part of a family team where people count on her. We are hoping she can practice these skills living with a group of students. 

Good luck students! 


I am Lexi's mom. I am a lawyer from the US. I have three kids and two dogs. I love history, traveling and speedboats.