Is Microcampus the same thing as China Alive?

The quick answer: No.

There are a number of significant, fundamental differences between the Microcampus program and our school's China Alive program. Students returning from Microcampus who have been on China Alive trips report that the experiences are completely different. The length of the Microcampus experience (28 days) allows for a much deeper, closer connection to the places we visit. Students on Microcampus become a part of the community that they visit--the daily routines, special events, and so on--rather than passing through as a part of their itineraries. China Alive trips are managed and guided by tour companies; the Microcampus program was designed entirely by educators, with daily activities and learning experiences chosen and directed by students under the guidance of their teachers. One former Microcampus student said it best: "On China Alive, someone else tells us where to go and when to go there. On Microcampus, we make those decisions: we have to learn to think and act for ourselves, and we live with the decisions we make."