Looking Foward to Microcampus

Ever since my brother left for microcampus, I've thought about the day that I'd leave home to go be on my own, either for microcampus or college, more deeply than I ever had before. You could categorize the thoughts I had into two parts, the worries and the dreams. In the worries, there would be the thoughts that I wouldn't be smart enough, strong enough, or responsible enough to live on my own. These fears were centered around the fact that I was a little kid dreaming of a teen or an adult's life.

After talking to a friend about these fears, I've realized that I can't expect myself to be ready for these challenges yet because that would be an unreasonable goal to set. What I can do, though, is prepare myself as best as I can. I can put myself out there and to try and get a sense of what it'll be like to deal with real people, without the armor of a school environment. I can take control over my learning and my schedule to the best of my ability here. 

Though, all of these preparations for microcampus are just the first step. What I do now, in eighth grade, will prepare me for microcampus. Microcampus will prepare me for college, and eventually, the real world. The real world is the true goal, yes?

For now, I can just prepare and let the excitement sit. I truly can't wait. 

I was thirteen years old and had been living in Shanghai for five years when I went to Xizhou for Microcampus. During my time in Xizhou, I liked to make and listen to music, play soccer, write, and talk to my friends. I loved Xizhou's blue skies, delicious food, warmhearted people, and unique culture. I cannot wait to return to my home in Xizhou!