Looking Ahead to My Microcampus Experience

I am curious about the things that would happen when tomorrow comes. What decisions, what paths, and what opportunities will I face when I am struggling to steer my life in the "correct" direction? 
How much will I learn and how different will I become? Each day is a tedious repetition, but I seek to find something unique and unprecedented within the ordinary. I have come to a conclusion that the only way I can find meaning in life is to enter the great and mighty world that is a little too overwhelming but still worth experiencing. 

There is so much going out there, but if I never make the bold and audacious choice of standing up and breaking the barriers of my own tiny world, I would never find out my true passions and interests. Microcampus is merely the start of this journey. Although I am anxious and uncertain about the decision I have made, I believe that this one month trip would bring so many different aspects to my current life. I'm not sure if I am ready to take on the challenge, but I am trying to have faith in myself. 

I am fourteen years old and this is my 10th year in China. I have lived in Beijing and Busan (South Korea) before in which I have attended four different schools. I am interested in meeting people who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and I am willing to use Microcampus as an opportunity to experience the life on the other side of China. I hope I can gain some more knowledge on the various perspectives people in Xizhou have towards the world, which would help me develop as a stronger, open-minded individual. I am looking forward to this valuable learning experience!