Inquiry Topic: The Embroidery of Xizhou

I have decided to work on the reasearch of embroidery. Cross stitching is a hobby of mine. I usually do this as an leisure activity, while knowing embroidery is just an advanced and the original idea of cross stitch, so I have quite an interest in studying this subject. This topic is important to me because I always wanted to inquire about the history of cross-stitching, or in other words, what developed into cross-stitching. Embroidery designs are often found in Chinese clothing since thousands of years ago, and learning about this technique will give me some enlightenments to Chinese fashion (which I am also interested in) and the traditions or cultures related to clothing of not only Xizhou, but also of China. 

Hey! I am Miranda who was a member of the Dynamite Puxi and Pudong mix group. I am from Hong Kong, but moved to Shanghai when I was 8, and lived there ever since. My inquiry project was about embroidery. I loved the air and scenery of Xizhou, and wish to come back another time. All of the active Microcampus students can always ask me for help and advice!