Digging my head out of the sand....or sending another child off to microcampus

Since we heard from Mr. T. that Cameron was accepted into Microcampus, a very quiet, yet persistent, question has been playing somewhere in the back of my head:  I've done it once before and this time I know what to expect; so, is it going to be any easier to send son #2 to Xizhou for 4 weeks?

This time around, I have managed to deal with all things microcampus with an uncharacteristic level of detachment. I listened from a distance to other parents talk about microcampus. I especially downplayed those who were also sending off a second child. I most conveniently forgot about deadlines, and seemed to deal with Cameron's application and trip planning with a coolness that could mistakenly be chalked up to being an "experienced" microcampus parent.  

In reality, my answer had begun forming somewhere within the bottom of my heart.

I am so excited that Cameron has this wonderful opportunity and I can't sing the praises for this programme loudly enough. The opportunity for project based and service based learning! Independent responsibility! Adventure! Microcampus is one of life's challenges that Cameron will never forget.

He will grow into a young man in those 4 weeks he will spend in Xizhou. He will grow into an independence that being a middle child makes complicated at home by having a younger or older sibling always around. He will face ups and downs that will weave themselves into the fabric of his future. I am proud and pleased for him and thrilled that he will have such an experience.

But loudly and clearly, no. It is no easier this time around to let go.