Day1: The Never-Ending

Day one was pretty eventful. A 45 minute car ride to the airport, after waking up an hour before that. Then a wonderful breakfast at the airport, consisting of a granola bar, and three of Kelly's wonderful fudge brownies. Now for the fun part, a quick 4 hour plane ride with the robotically abnormal (but still pretty great) Sean, while we watched Grownups 2 and laughed so loud Mr T complained... We landed shortly after the movie and a reading of the newspaper. Then it was over. Not. We thought "Okay, the hard part is done, now all we have to do is sit on the bus!" For seven hours. I never knew that seven hours could be so long and uneventful, but sadly it was. At first I sat by myself, just watching the world go by, and surprisingly, loving learning about history, and all these different sorts of stuff that I usually would not be interested in. A break later we switched seats and I ended up slightly smaller that average Diego. It was fun, we talked a bit, he made fun of my height (and other things) and I made fun of his height. After another break we watched my favourite childhood TV show, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, that was very fun and I thank him for getting me through that last three hours. When we finally arrived in Xia Guan, Mr T told us all about real estate, and it made me realize how much I do not want to grow up and buy a house. An hour later we arrived at our final destination, Xizhou. We unloaded bags of the bus, then walked to our beautiful home, Yang Zhuo Ran. I was amazed and so shocked, because it was much more beautiful than I expected. We had a great talk with Mr Brian Linden, his wife and son. Then we chose rooms and sat down to an amazing dinner. I especially loved the tofu, chicken, broccoli, rice, basically everything there was. After dinner we discussed some more plans of action, then headed off for the greatest sleep of my life!



Great first day

Wow Han, you learned so much, and had so many adventures already on your first day...

Great news. I'm interested to hear more about the real estate issue and why you aren't into buying houses now...I think a wonderful decked out silver air-stream camper may be more your style... take that on the road...

Your dinner sounded fantastic (sure beats KFC hey)

I hope to see this part of beautiful China one day.

Love to you



1st day

Yes, I'm a bit slow but Nannas are allowed that. It's great reading about your journey. I'm also interested, like your mum, about the real estate. The bus trip would have been hard but I hope you took in some of the scenery. What was it like please? Love, Nanna G x

I am 13 years old and I am from Ballarat Australia, in Victoria. I have lived here in Shanghai for the past 10 years, and I am almost fluent in Chinese. My hobby is writing monologues and preforming them, I love to act, and hope to one day make a living out of Acting and Singing. I have arrived in Xizhou, and I am super exited. We are in the village and have been around, and it looks like it will be a place I will enjoy and remember forever. My Inquiry Project is about Education in Xizhou, where I will be studying perspectives on education, and also the Education System.