Day 9: ConTENT

Today, we learned from our chaperone's Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai how to set up tents.

Mr. T, naturally, cracked a billion tent jokes and spontaneously busted out sporadic tent puns.

We learned that our 'tent bags' contained the four parts of a tent: the tarp, the tent, the stakes, and the support sticks. First, one lays the actual tent neatly on the floor and must use stakes to nail them into soft ground, then, support sticks are linked together and attached to the tent as if two, criss-crossing bamboo poles. Afterwards, the tarp is set up with Velcros, knots, and more stakes. I was especially proud because our small team of three constructed and put away our tent better and faster than the teams of six and finished early. Finishing early meant enjoying tremendously the 'I-can't-set-up-my-tent' show starring everybody and yelling out criticisms in a joking manner. 

Quick reminder to all: when putting away tents and/or sleeping bags, fold, do not roll. 

Though we all had an excruciating two hour period of boring in the middle of the afternoon, we were all very content.


My name is Ryane and I am a fourteen year old student in SAS Puxi. My interest in Microcampus stemmed from a desire to participate in something outside of my sheltered metropolitan lifestyle where everything is done for me and I am painfully inexperienced. I have lived in Shanghai for eight years now but was born in Taipei, Taiwan to an English speaking family of six cousins and numerous relatives. I have left Xizhou and missing it most painfully, however, I am happy and excited for all future Microcampers and the amazing experience they will experience. Be good to T and Ms. Mai!