Day 9: Colors and Threads...

Over the course of my 3 to 5 interviews,  every person I had talked to had recommended that I visit the local embroidery workshop, Happy Embroidery. This workshop was a two-minute walk from the Yangzhuoran, and being so close, I decided to set up a time for a class today. The class I took part in was affordable, fun, educational, and lasted for about two and a half hours. Henin C. joined me as well, for here entire project is focused on the technique and production of embroidery.  Before I took part in the lesson, Ms.Li had already advised that I either choose a pre-printed embroidery pattern or draw one myself with a pen. As I was looking through the many patterns, I took interest in a small design that consisted of a tree branch with many blooming, embroidered cherry blossoms.
I had some done online research beforehand, with my ideas ranging from traditional Chinese bird patterns, Chinese mandalas, and traditional, colorful flowers. However, I had decided on using the blossom template from Happy Embroidery for it was small, detailed, and cultural. I first drew the outlined my chosen pattern on a blue fabric and began sewing. Ms. Li had guided through my selection of colored threads and insisted that my blooming flowers should have a gradient pattern (3 colors) instead of a single-colored fill. I decided that my colors would consist of green (leaves), brown (end of the branch), golden-brown (tip of the branch), yellow (flower details), and white, light pink, and pink (gradient blooming flowers). Throughout the sewing and stitching process came many challenges, but with plenty of guidance, I was soon able to learn from my mistakes.
As the time was quickly passing by, I was soon able to notice/appreciate the variety of different sounds that surrounded me... I could feel the gentle breath of the wind in my ears and the tentative smile in the light trill of the migrating birds. I could her sound of people, people dissimilar to those in Shanghai. I heard the ones who live in serenity and equanimity, the ones who live and love and die in restful, unselfish good. I hear the sounds of leaves fluttering in the breeze, graceful like ballet dancers on a beautiful, sunlit stage. These experiences I am having cannot be described, for I am learnings the many ways of a new, inspiring world....


How wonderful you have the

How wonderful you have the opportunity to learn a new skill as a means of gaining greater understanding of the culture you are studying. And I would love to hear more about how you are growing a real appreciation for being able to tune into nature and your surroundings. Lots of love! Another great read Holly.

Hi Everyone! My name is Holly and I am so grateful to say that I am part of the "Ultimate" Microcampus Group. I am learning so much and am so lucky to experience life outside the Shanghai bubble. Not only am I focusing on a topic that I greatly enjoy, but I am able to make connections with the many locals I will soon get to know. This trip I am part of is an unforgettable experience and will "ultimately" be an amazing trip. See you guys in a month!