Day 8: Saturday

I can hardly believe that a week has already passed by. Today was our first day off since we got here, and we had the luxury of so, so much down time. We also started our Service Learning projects today, and received a long history lesson of China's past 150 years or so. Luckily, Mr. T made it quite memorable and engaging, so that we could still remember the information. Afterwards, we got in our groups and chatted to locals for our work, and met wild success. If you show that you are not just some random passing tourist, the majority of the locals will tell you a lot about themselves, even if they have never heard of Microcampus before. Here is to another wonderful three weeks!



Marco, I'm enjoying reading about your experiences out in Xizhou. I'm curious about your "wild success" this time making contacts! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your Service Learning partner and what else you continue to learn and uncover in the town.

Ahh!! I remember Mr. T's

Ahh!! I remember Mr. T's famous history lecture. Just a quick tip for Service Learning, really do try and branch out in the community - wander down a new path you've never been down before (obviously with a buddy), and you might just find someone really cool living there, or working at a shop there. There are so many great people to meet, so many amazing stories to tell! I hope you find a great subject. Can't wait to read more on your process (fyi I'm totally not living vicariously through you...)! Miss you bud. :) Good work and good luck.

Hi! I am Marco, a student of SAS from 2006 to 2017. I was part of the Tactical trip, which was in Xizhou during May 2017. My family comes from Hong Kong. I have two twin sisters who are two years older than me. One of them, Charlotte K, is a Microcampus alumni. I love to read, learn and take risks, all of which I have done plentifully in Microcampus. I have had so much fun in Xizhou, especially as I improved myself and realised so much about rural China. What I have learned in Xizhou is truly unforgettable and important to me.