Day 8: Recovery

Today was the first normal weekend here. We had our 150 years in 150 minutes talk today. I learned a lot more about Chinese history. I learned how China was before today. We talked about the Hundred Flower Movement that I have never heard of until today. It was quite interesting and I think it has got me ready for Service Learning. We now have our groups for our service learning project which is to talk about these events and how they see it.

Today's afternoon was very chill. We had downtime from 1-5:45. We have to write our journal sometime during that period and go out to connect with locals but the rest of the time we could chat, rest, and do mostly what we want. I practiced my flute. It was really hard to play and I felt out of breath after only playing for a short while. It was nice to finally get to practice but I feel like playing here is a lot harder and I have to have a lot more air and breath control, which will help me improve.



Miss you

My Dear Annie,

It's been more than a week already.  Seems fast but also very slow.  It is great to hear you are doing very good in Xizhou.  As I know you are always very independent and good to hear you settle yourself quite well there.  We all miss you very much.  Especially during dinner time while your seat is empty.

Shanghai is little chilly today too.  It started raining in the afternoon.  Please take care yourself and enjoy a different life over there.  Talk to you later today.

Love,  Mom

My name is Annie Y. I am part of the Superior Microcampus group. As of March 4, 2017, I arrived in Xizhou. We stayed in Xizhou for 28 days. Those 28 days has been such a unforgettable experience. I got to connect with the people here. They were very nice and welcoming. The weather was really nice. There was pretty blue skies and puffy white clouds. I miss everything about Xizhou and the Microcampus experience.