Day 8: New adventure (camping and plunging)

An adventure indeed! We are going to scout out a completely new camping sight for us Micro kids. Last year’s sight is swamped over. This is going to be either the greatest or the worst experience ever, but that is the best part about adventures. You never know what is going to happen. My curiosity always gets the better of me. Well other than that, today was our first sleep in. I can not express the joy that all of us felt. We did have to get up early to work a little. I got right back into bed as soon as I was done. Our reward for working hard is 1 hour more of sleep and that is fine with me. Something I take for granted every Saturday has now become this special treat. Today their was nothing planned except for beginning our service learning. We started getting into a fascinating conversation about China’s historical events, specifically the cultural revolution. The whole concept just fascinates me. Mr.T wanted us to learn about this so we can understand where our elder service learning partners are coming from. It is a delicate topic to talk about for many of them. This was mainly the day. Oh and yes. How could I forget. First time plunging the toilet for my room. Mr. T walked in all official with the plunger to take down our clogged toilet. We all stood by in fear as he was saying, “this would make excellent blogging material,” and this is why I have mentioned it. When your teacher has taught you how to plunge a toilet, it shows how close we have all become. We are almost like a family. 


toilet business

That is good info to know, Alex. Trust in your plunger. It will be interesting to compare/ contrast the generational differences in leisure time activities with those of your own group members-- especially with technology. That comparison should also include some comparison of the relative sizes of the leisure class and the activities deemed as "recreational" that actually accomplish needed functions in the locals' lives. Good stuff.

wonderful photo

Hi Alex,

I just melted when I saw the photo of you and the woman. You might have explained it in a previous post, but can you tell me about that picture? You both look very happy. It's a lovely day in Shanghai..just a smidge chilly.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thank you Gabby! Let's just

Thank you Gabby! Let's just say I am not the best sewer. She would show me how to do something and then I would try and then she would check and then she would unravel and then I would try and then prick myself. It was fun though. She is a sweet lady. She kept laughing at me trying to sew. Hope you had a great St.Patty's Day! :)

First week

After your first week you are "beamed up" to a mysterious spaceship. While being interrogated (Yes, your hosts speak a universal language) you are asked to produce three items or words that would describe the culture you have been visiting. What would they be?

Love that your teachers are writing to you!


To get all these folks watching you from afar in the same room (aka your blog) to hear your stories! Just incredible. I love how Mr. Lewis knew to react to your post on plungers, that is so Mr. Cheese Lewis! We love him! And Elizabeth asking you about your journey. It just makes it all that more special. 

Could Mr. T maybe play ancient Chinese music so you guys don't get homesick! Do they have ancient Chinese plungers?



Hey guys, I'm Alex! I lived in Washington D.C, US for 11 years and have lived in Shanghai for almost 3 years now. I love to travel, eat, and learn about new things! I am here at Xizhou and loving it. The highlights are the kind people, the blue skies and starry nights, delicious food, and the outdoors. So far, thumbs up! It feels like it is going by too fast