Day 8: Camping Trip



a cold night!

Hi Will, we love the purple coat, where did that come from? The lake looks beautiful and it seems your having fun, love Dad

Hello from 5742 miles away

Hey William B

Raj B here.

I can see that you are working and thinking hard to understand life in your new bubble.

Wood has always fascinated Louise and we have a small collection of nature's sculptures dotted round the house/garden - beautifully and randomly carved by wind and tide (the Planet has alot of unseen helpers)

Your descriptions of Mr BoBo and the other locals are really interesting and let me assure you, from my point of view, you definitely have not wasted any of your time.

Inquiry projects will always lead in different directions at the start but your journey has been straightened
by your honest self-inquiry and de-brief, which I find fascinating and humbling.

I particularly appreciated your experiences about meeting new come from a family that has
overcome many 'hurdles' in that department and I certainly wonder how I manage to spend long days in the cockpit with people I have never met before - daunting sometimes, but always educational on reflection. As you have astutely deduced, "language is an important tool in real life".

I hope the rest of your time there is enjoyable William and thanks for helping me understand how to
spell "a-ha"!

Hope to see and the family soon,

With Love (Uncle) Raj

Hi everyone, my name is William. B, and I am 13 years old now. I was born in Taiwan and lived there for 9-10 years, but I am half British too. I am a student from SAS PD, and am in the Group Limitless. I was in XiZhou, and am in love with this amazing place. Xizhou has great food, although sometimes it is quite oily. My inquiry project is wood carving, and I only have one expert to look guidance to. I will cherish the days I have had XiZhou in my memory.

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