Day 8: Camping Next to Lake Erhai

Day 8 here in Xizhou! Today we had our first camping expedition next to Lake Erhai. We all got to choose our tent mates so me and my friend Lucas decided we were going to room together for the night. We rode our bikes to the lake from YZR with our lovely big hiking bags and our tents we got from our chaperones. On the way their Lucas offered to carry the tent so I carried the dinner in our plastic containers. When we got their we parked our bikes against a tree and started building up our tent. In the beginning it was all swell until one our stakes was not going into the ground no matter how we tried. After around one of working and trying to find a good place to put the stake we gave up and some of friends came over to help. None of us seemed to be able to put the stake in the ground until someone said that by stepping on top of stakes they go in pretty well. So I tried and it Worked!!!!! We had finally finished building up our tent for the day. At sunset I got to take some amazing pictures of the sun and the water playing along into a great scenery. I will never forget that the light in Xizhou does not until around 8 30. In Shanghai it is a different story. Only 20 days left :(


Aprovechen cada momento

Coque, aunque todos los comentarios están escritos en inglés, yo voy a escribir en español. Qué experiencia tan increíble estás viviendo con tus amigos de SAS. Aprovechen al máximo cada momento. Aprendan mucho. Estoy seguro que después de este viaje, todos ustedes serán mejores personas. Aunque ya queremos verte de nuevo todos en la casa, también sé que este viaje es muy importante part ti. Así que, nos aguantamos las ganas, y nos veremos al final del viaje.

Hello my name is Jorge. I am a student in the 9th grade at SAS Pudong. I am Mexican and have lived in five different countries which are: Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, Brazil and China. I am 14 years old and I am super excited to help anyone going to Xizhou by participating in this great opportunity called Microcampus. I went to Xizhou in April-May 2013 and if anyone has questions be sure to ask me. I have five different people in my family, my father, mother, older sister, younger brother and myself.