Day 7: Tie-Dye

Today, we went to the tie-dye factory in Zhou Cheng, and there were Bai minority headpieces. Everyone got curious and some tried wearing them. I actually got to learn about those. There are four special things that Dali is famous about. It is feng hua xue yue. In English, it is wind, flower, snow, and moon. Wind stands for wind coming down the mountains. Flower stands for beautiful flowers. Snow stands for the snow on the top of the mountain. Lastly, moon stands for the reflection of moon on the Erhai lake at night. The four special features are represented in the Bai minority headpieces. There are white threads to represent wind, flower decorations to represent flower, white furs to represent snow, and red string to represent the Erhai river. The lady said that having reddish color as the Erhai lake is a symbol for Bai minority. I am not sure if these information is accurate, since my Chinese is not that good, but I think this is the general idea of the headpiece. Also, there is a difference in the Bai minority headpieces of unmarried girl and married woman. Unmarried girl have the hair part shown, when married woman have the hair part hidden. I learned that the headpiece contains a lot of hidden meaning inside it.



SuJin! This is Hasumi!
I'm glad to hear that ur having a good time.
hope you can continue enjoy your journey. we will see you after spring break.

Hi. My name is Sujin. I am currently a Microcampus Alumni. :) I miss Xizhou a lot. I really had a great time there and it has been a month that I will never forget for rest of my life. I really hope and want to go to Xizhou again.