Day 7: Service Learning

Today, we had an early weekend which means that the schedule is flip-flopped and we get to sleep in late. When I woke up this morning, everyone else is already eating breakfast and some had already started their inquiry work. I ate a quick breakfast and hurried upstairs for our 150 minutes lecture about Chinese history. Despite the long lecture, I feel like I learned much more in the 2 hours than I have ever learned anywhere else. I learned about why things came to be in certain areas of China and why Chairman Mao is such a hero to so many Chinese citizens even today. Later in the day, my workgroup and I headed out in the village to collect knowledge from elders that have experienced many events. Soon after, we met 60-year-old Mrs. Yang who makes children's shoes out of hand for a living. We talked to her about her childhood living in Xizhou and the many challenges she faced in that time period. I learned a lot today and loved how we are fortunate enough to learn outside of a classroom and in the real world.

I have lived in Shanghai for almost ten years and attended SAS for most of the time I lived here. I was 13 when I attended Microcampus with the Wildfires group. My family and I always valued experiences whether they are positive or negative. I thought that Microcampus would be a once in a lifetime experience to explore the truth of China outside our Shanghai bubble. Indeed, when I saw the welcoming smiles of the local elders, I knew that Microcampus is an experience I would never forget.