Day 7: Service Learning

Today, we had an early weekend which means that the schedule is flip-flopped and we get to sleep in late. When I woke up this morning, everyone else is already eating breakfast and some had already started their inquiry work. I ate a quick breakfast and hurried upstairs for our 150 minutes lecture about Chinese history. Despite the long lecture, I feel like I learned much more in the 2 hours than I have ever learned anywhere else. I learned about why things came to be in certain areas of China and why Chairman Mao is such a hero to so many Chinese citizens even today. Later in the day, my workgroup and I headed out in the village to collect knowledge from elders that have experienced many events. Soon after, we met 60-year-old Mrs. Yang who makes children's shoes out of hand for a living. We talked to her about her childhood living in Xizhou and the many challenges she faced in that time period. I learned a lot today and loved how we are fortunate enough to learn outside of a classroom and in the real world.

It wasn't until I left Xizhou that I realized how much Microcampus has helped shaped me as a person. Before attending this program, I was just another girl growing up within the safe secure bubble of the big city Shanghai. Although, after a month of working through challenges and being far away from home, I noticed that I have become more independent and discipline. It has now been almost 3 months since I left the community and my family is all already sick and tired of hearing about my experience. To future students of Microcampus 2.0, cherish the days you spend in this program. I promise you will get something of it that will help you in life. Know that I will always be a source for doing 3-5s on and also open to any questions. Good Luck!