Day 7 : First Week of MC !

Time flies by when you're having fun, they say, and I can't believe it's been a week of Microcampus already. I miss my friends and family in Shanghai lots but I'm also loving it here in Xizhou. This past week has been amazing, meeting villagers, trying out the food, and understanding the Microcampus schedule. In the morning we start off with breakfast, followed by SAS essentials, daily meeting and then pitching in for the AM duties. During lunch, we either all stay in or all go out. The original plan was to have us go out 1 group at a time and have the rest stay in. Since we aren't responsible enough, we have to all stay together. In the afternoons, we have WIPPIS time, aka, wellness, inquiry project, still time and more pitching in time. After dinner, we have fun events planned by the movie committee, movie nights, trivia nights, board game nights and more. I have also learned that being sick in Mircrocampus is tough since you will miss out all the fun opportunities:( 


Hey guys! My name is Hayley and I am now an alumni of the 21-st Ultimate Group. I enjoy playing volleyball, making Youtube Videos and cooking in my free time. My journey at Microcampus has been amazing and through the up's and down's, I learned so much about my inquiry project, the village, the citizens and most of all, myself. I will never forget my home away from home, Xizhou with its delicious food, blue skies, stars and kind locals. 喜州,我想你!