Day 7: The First Hike/Kailee's Birthday



Hi back at you!

Looks you are all adjusting well to life with Mr. T on Microcampus. I'm so jealous of your three day hike! What's up with Kailee 'Applesauce'??
Happy birthday!!!

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I'm currently 13 years old and have lived in Shanghai for nearly all of my life. Though I was born in the Philippines my family moved to China even before my birth. Microcampus was a great experience where I got to meet new people and learn more about old friends. During this trip I not only fulfilled Inquiry requirements, but I was also able to learn more about myself, others, and China as a whole. Many people have tons of regrets in the course of their life but despite this Microcampus has not yet been a part of any of these lists.

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