Day 7: ELA Journal #1

The journal for today will be about our learning on power and control in Microcampus and in XiZhou. In Microcampus, the people with the most power are Mr.Tafel and Ms.Mai, they have the ability to decide our schedule, decide when we eat and what we do in our day. Both Mr.Tafel and Ms.Mai have control over each committee that they lead, one example of this is Ms.Mai is in charge of laundry and she can help us and teach us how to do laundry or let us figure it out ourselves. This shows power and control because she has the power of either teaching us how to do laundry or letting us learn by ourselves. In the village, there are also examples of power and control, for example, Mr.Tafel has gained so much respect in XiZhou which also gives him power because when you have respect, people tend to follow you around and trust you. This gives Mr.Tafel power because they trust him to make good decisions, therefore, Mr.Tafel has power due to the fact that he has trust and respect of the villagers. 
Many people want to be in control because they like to be in the seat of power, meaning that they can decide the fates of other people. Some governments want to be in control to maintain order and control over their citizen so that the citizens can be “safe.” Although there are many definitions of power, the definition that we talked about with Mr.Tafel was that the purpose of power is to establish order and security. This means that power should be used for establishing order and security instead of total control over someone or a group of people. With the definition that I provided above, this means that the person with the power has a great deal of responsibility, the responsibility include trying to balance order and respect, this is hard to do because people who are trying to keep order, hardly get respect because they are not favorable with the citizens, meaning it is hard to get respect from other people if you have too much order. On the other hand, if you have too much respect, it is hard to keep order because other people think they can ignore the rules that you made and live safely just because you have a lot of respect. Another responsibility that the person in control must have is deciding how much freedom can the people get when they are not in power. This is hard for the person in control to do because they want to maintain control while giving people the freedom to do what they want, for example, it is hard to maintain control when you give too much freedom because then, the people who get the freedom can do anything they want and you cannot control them. Finally, this connects to Microcampus because Mr.Tafel tells us what we need to do which is basically control in the context, and then giving us the freedom, as long as we follow the set of parameters that he set for us. This means that as long as we follow the set of parameters, he will give us as much freedom, and then we can experience XiZhou truly without a teacher constantly reminding us of the parameters.











My name is Norman and I am 13 years old, I was in Xizhou for 28 days, this experience has taught me many things, I will forever treasure this experience, Microcampus will always have a special place in my heart.