Day 6: Queer Lodgings

Today during our Daily Video Shout Out, Luca, Kevin and I went to the Daily Video Shout Out in an old abandoned courtyard. We saw it from some blood looking material. It was extremely creepy so, being the responsible students we were, we decided to take a look around in the courtyard it was pointing to, to check it out. There was no one there but a great spot to film our daily shout out. While filming, we started to hear footsteps and the sturdy thud of a hammer. We quickley ended the video and yelled out to say hi to anyone that was there. No one responded so we quickley ran out. It was a slighty chilling and fun experience, actually starting to explore the village. Other highlights of the day included going out and see wall charts, my inquiry topic, which was really cool. This journal is named after a Hobbit Chapter, explaining the different courtyard that we found.


Your journal is great

Dear Sam, Ben and I just read all of your journal entries. You are a wonderful writer. It is so great to hear about your experiences. Today sounded particularly adventurous! I am sorry I won't get to see you this trip, but I am so happy to be able to follow your blog. PS love your titles! Beezie

Keen imagination if nothing

Keen imagination if nothing else. I was going to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade Sat March 14 but sure forecast of rain has changed my mind. Hope the food id good. Snow is at last beginning to melt. Love, Papa.

Beware of red letters in

Beware of red letters in quiet creepy places. You guys probably scared the handy-person (who was fixing a broken fence?) to death too. I see a mystery book series
in your future--Keep Writing Sam!!

creepy crawly

Samuel I see a mystery book series in your future. I think you and your buds must have scared the carpenter so that he passed out in fear.....
Great writing!! So fun to posts are not all posting....

My name is Sam from Shanghai American School, from Puxi. I was in the Kryptonite group and was in Xizhou Microcampus in March 2015. It was a very fun and exciting experience, almost a bit frightening the amount of responsibility. I was working on Wall Propaganda for my inquiry project and have finished.