Day 6: My First Load of Laundry

Today was my groups first day of doing laundry. First, we brought all the clothes from YangZhuoRan to our laundry place, then we poured one and a half cups of detergent into the washing machine. Next we changed the setting to normal, and however many clothes we have. We then just waited for the laundry to finish so then we can hang them up and put the next load in. Today the sun was very bright so I predict that the clothes would not take long to dry. Hopefully there will not be anything that goes wrong with the clothes!


My name is Max. I was born in Hong Kong and have lived there for 7 years before moving to Shanghai. I enjoy playing sports like track and field and tennis. I am really enjoying Xizhou so far, the weather is great and the facilities are really nice. Microcampus has been a great experience and I will miss it very much.