Day 6: Meeting a Mother

Today I had my first interview. I went to Old Town Snacks with Ms Mai, and we talked to the main shop owner. She has a seven year old son, and I wanted to talk to her on her education perspectives, her background, and also what she thinks of education now and then. I talked to her for about 45 minutes, and got some great information. She does not realy value the grades, but she values the education. The grades are the only way to know if her son is improving or not, as she is very busy, and does not have a lot of time to talk to her son about school, or have meetings with the teacher. I really liked talking to her and I hope I can do it again.


Meeting a mother

Well you are into the discovery stage now Hannah. What is it that makes this woman, a mother, send her child to school? She doesn't have time to see teachers or talk about his school work. Isn't that very sad to hear. Were you able to find out about her day at all. Is she doing a very full day's work? Does she have a husband? I would like to know more. Great that you are speaking with the locals. Love you, Nanna Gay xx

Great news

Fantastic talking to you just now Han, very excited to hear about you camping out tonight, you are your father's daughter... a true camper!
I'm really interested in your inquiry project, happy to hear you interviewing so many people, with so many stories to tell.
I'm proud of you.
Love Mum

Very cool experience!!

Hey Hannah, Your mom and dad could not stop talking (I know, I could end the comment here) about your time at Microcampus. It's an amazing adventure you are on. I am most impressed with how your language skills are coming along. Frankly, I'm jealous. Looks like you are having an amazing time. You'll never forget this. Don't forget what that mother you interviewed said -- it's about the education and not the grades. I'm a teacher and I hate grades. If your desire to learn comes from your heart and passion, nothing can get in your way!
Love, Anna (and the rest of the Rekates)

I am 13 years old and I am from Ballarat Australia, in Victoria. I have lived here in Shanghai for the past 10 years, and I am almost fluent in Chinese. My hobby is writing monologues and preforming them, I love to act, and hope to one day make a living out of Acting and Singing. I have arrived in Xizhou, and I am super exited. We are in the village and have been around, and it looks like it will be a place I will enjoy and remember forever. My Inquiry Project is about Education in Xizhou, where I will be studying perspectives on education, and also the Education System.