Day 5: Humanities Journal Post-Comparing Xizhou to The Giver

Compare the community and life in The Giver to life in Xizhou. What roles do people have in the community? How do they all work together?

There are more differences than similarities when comparing the life here in Xizhou to The Giver. In The Giver people are use to seeing everything in black and white. However, in Xizhou, there is this gorgeous scenery that can be seen every single day. Another difference would be that in The Giver, a family can have 2 children at most, one male one female. Though in Xizhou, many families don’t have children, and if they do they are mostly two boys or two girls. Lastly in The Giver, people do not have deep emotions when interacting with others because of the pills they take. But it is totally the opposite in Xizhou. Here, people are all very open and friendly to each other. They would always smile and say “hi” when they see someone, including strangers like us. It would be considered normal to look at someones property without their permissions. In The Giver, many do not have a choice towards their jobs; the house of Elders chooses the path you are going to take. In Xizhou, most of the jobs are passed down by generations, and one will normally have the responsibility to continue their family business or choose a different career path. In conclusion, life in Xizhou and life in The Giver does not have much similarities but they do have a lot of differences.  


Great comparisions

You have made some really nice comparisons. I am glad to hear that people are friendly and show their emotions - it would make for a sad experience for you all. I am jealous that you are in such colorful surroundings - enjoy it!

Hi, my name is Vanessa. Xizhou has changed me completely, from personality to the way of thinking. I created loads of amazing memories with the FEARLESS family in this magnificent, life-changing, month long trip. I will never forget the memories I made at Xi Zhou as a member of the Fearless group.