Day 4: WIPPIS Time!

Today, we had our first WIPPIS (Wellness, Inquiry Project, Pitching In, Still time) session. These five components are vital to the success we must earn here at Microcampus. I started out the afternoon with Inquiry project work, where I started to conduct the 3 to 5's we had planned throughout Phase 1 of the process. A 3 to 5 is an interview conducted with the range of 3 to 5 five people for about 3 to 5 minutes. These interviews took place for the purpose gaining familiarity within our local village and to find contacts that would help us through the research process. Pitching in occurred right after my 3 to 5's, where I did the following steps to stay organized throughout the rest of the day. I made sure to type up my journal entries, update my photo blog, tidy up my room, and exchange money with the bank managers. I then went to work on my mental wellness, where I sat outside and decided to read a book in order to calm myself with everything happening so fast. Lastly, I decided to stay within the Yang Zhuo Ran for Still Time, a time I am given to relax and to observe my inspiring surroundings.  
Our orientation for Microcampus is officially over, and we now are given the responsibility to plan how we use the days here in Xizhou. Both Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai have handed us the bucket of trust, and it is our job to keep it full. It is our job to follow the schedule, use our time wisely, and to make the most of what we have. By the beginning of next week, we will be the ones planning out our own days, and keeping ourselves on track. Pretty soon, all of the responsibility and trust will be handed to us, and we must work hard to keep our bucket of trust full. 


A bucket of Trust

I absolutely love this phrase and am going to use it at my school.


With my little ones thought I wonder if I'll actually have to use a REAL bucket!


What is your room like?  are you sharing with someone?


tracey x

Setting the Stage

I really like how you have spent time setting the stage for your experience. The time you have used to create your framework will ultimately mark you success. I look forward to hearing about your ability to keep your bucket full.

Hi Everyone! My name is Holly and I am so grateful to say that I am part of the "Ultimate" Microcampus Group. I am learning so much and am so lucky to experience life outside the Shanghai bubble. Not only am I focusing on a topic that I greatly enjoy, but I am able to make connections with the many locals I will soon get to know. This trip I am part of is an unforgettable experience and will "ultimately" be an amazing trip. See you guys in a month!