Day 4: Wellness in Action

Today we had our first regular day. I think one of the newer things that I experienced today was wellness. During wellness, me and a couple other buddies went out and exercized, I was running while they were biking along me. It turned out that it is not a good idea because the people on bikes do not get very much time in zone so now we know to either all be biking or all be running. The run was very fun because I felt like I know the village better.


Wellness in Action

Max it sounds like you made an important discovery-running and biking are not the same thing, but can both be enjoyed like you said-when everyone is either running or everyone is biking. I think it is so cool you are getting to know the village by running in/around and through it. I am envious of your breathing in all that fresh mountain air!

My name is Max. I was born in Hong Kong and have lived there for 7 years before moving to Shanghai. I enjoy playing sports like track and field and tennis. I am really enjoying Xizhou so far, the weather is great and the facilities are really nice. Microcampus has been a great experience and I will miss it very much.