Day 4: Relax

Today I just took a breath and spent the day just soaking up my surroundings. Most of the group was a little behind on inquiry project work, so we all just used the day to catch up. It was really great to just have time to slow things down and have time to think. After a delicious lunch at the fried rice restaurant, I headed back to Yang Zhou Ran and chilled in the piano room with Ying Yang. Ying Yang is a great pianist, and he was unsuccessfully trying to teach me the piano part from the movie Cloud Atlas. By the end of WIPPIT I managed to sort of play the first couple of bars in the song, but Ying Yang wanted the piano back, and I had to give it up. Overall, today was a very uneventful, yet welcome day, and I was glad to just have a chance to breathe.

I'm 15 years old and I am really happy that I went to Xizhou. I was born in Mexico, and have lived in three other countries since then, including Shanghai. I chose to study the diverse religions here and I hoped to gain new understanding on my own faith, and what makes spirituality such an important part of people's lives. I looked forward to fumbling my way through conversations in Chinese and learning as much as I can over the weeks I was at Microcampus.