Day 4: Our First Normal Day

Today started off like every other day, getting up and eating breakfast. But unlike the other days, we went all the way through the day. At breakfast each day they have a new fruit at breakfast. Today that fruit was long yan. I had never tried that fruit before and I loved it. We did SAS essentials and all the WIPPIS time. Today was a work day. We did our Committee meetings and had our daily Microcampus meeting. We talked about the plans for things coming up. I finished up my 3 -5 conversation with Mr. T and found a lot of helpful resources for my inquiry project. Today was the first day we had half of the group eat lunch at Yang Zhuo Ran and the other half went to Si Fang Jie to eat out. For dinner, everyone switched. I am really looking forward to talking to the locals about their experiences with Dali's geography.


New Experiences

Hi Xander,

It is so exciting how many new experiences you have had already. I am curious what the English name is - if there is one? - for the new fruit you tried. Also, what is WIPPIS time? I am also interested to see what you learn about the geography in the area for your inquiry project. 



I am 14 years old and really enjoyed Microcampus. I am Canadian although I was born in Shanghai, China and have lived there for almost my whole life. Other than the nine years I lived in China, I lived in Canada for four. I liked showing my learning of Xizhou into the final product. I had fun and learned a lot by creating the Service Learning video