Day 4: First Day of WIPPIS

Today was a very interesting day because we had our first taste of WIPPIS, WIPPIS stands for Wellness, Inquiry Project, Pitching in, and Still Time. Wellness in WIPPIS means to be in the "Zone" for at least 30 minutes, the zone is a certain heart rate range of where you must be. In the case of Microcampus, the range is from 145 BPM to 185 BPM. The inquiry project in WIPPIS means to work on our inquiry project for two hours so that we can move the process forward and because inquiry project is the main reason we came to XiZhou for. The pitching in means to do daily things that we must do, such as doing a daily journal, and tidying our room up. The still time part of the WIPPIS is a time where we are suppose to go to a place, and not talk while just observing on what is happening on the horizon. In short, today was a new and challenging day for us. 


My name is Norman and I am 13 years old, I was in Xizhou for 28 days, this experience has taught me many things, I will forever treasure this experience, Microcampus will always have a special place in my heart.