Day 4: Exploring the Outskirts of Xizhou

During WIPPI (wellness plan, inquiry project, pitching in) time, Nike and I went for a jog. The moment we stepped out of our room, we saw that the sky had darkened and it started to drizzle. We grabbed our waterproof jackets and headed out. We jogged out of the village and after two minutes or so we were already tired. The high altitude really tires us down. Pretty soon we were out of the village and we were on the fields. All around us was beautiful, lush green fields of crops. I asked the farmers there and they said the crops were brassica rapa plants (used to make oil) and leek. We ran some more and saw four farmers taking shelter beside a house, hiding from the rain. We said hi to them and continued running. On the trail we saw a dead chicken, it was really sad because it was flattened. We also saw a big pile of garbage and it reminded me of the SWI Trash Inventory we did in science class. The rain was starting to come down heavier and we were getting wet, so we decided to head back to our home.

Hi I'm Peyton, and I was part of the B4 Microcampus group (March-April 2013). The Microcampus experience was really amazing and I was so glad that I was a part of the B4 Microcampus group. My Inquiry project wason Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please feel free to look at my blog posts anytime!