Day 3: Ride Forrest! Ride!

Still cannot believe it's only been 3 days! The Linden Centre already feels more like home than anywhere I've ever known despite the absence of my parents and friends. Today, Lauren, Erica, Austin, and I woke up early to watch the sunrise! However, we did not expect to find Travis, Matthew, and others already there waiting for us. It was simply gorgeous and utterly stunning, the number of colors in the sky were infinite and I was dumbfounded. Afterwards, we had a delicious breakfast of Linden Centre noodles (cabbage, ground beef, and noodles in broth) and then had our first ever Microcampus SAS essentials math class. It was much like any other math class except for the fact that all of us worked amazingly dilligently and our beloved math teacher was not present to make us laugh and joke about One Direction, Doctor Who, and others (Hi Mr. Claassen!). Then, we had a Microcampus meeting that went on for a while and 'pitching in time'. Lunch was brilliant as always and as I sat directly under the wonderful skylight, I enjoyed the warming noontime sun as well. 

Oh boy, here comes the sad part.

The bike ride was difficult. Unforgettably difficult. Though many of my group members seemed to not be struggling and going along at their own comfortable pace (much faster than my own), I was panting and huffing and puffing and checking my watch far more often than I should've. It was hard, but I am so inconceivably happy I completed the bike ride and broke a new personal record. I suppose being here means becoming stronger and facing challenges one doesn't get to in Shanghai, and I am proud of what I have accomplished as well as the many more things I will accomplish.

Until tomorrow dear readers!

My name is Ryane and I am a fourteen year old student in SAS Puxi. My interest in Microcampus stemmed from a desire to participate in something outside of my sheltered metropolitan lifestyle where everything is done for me and I am painfully inexperienced. I have lived in Shanghai for eight years now but was born in Taipei, Taiwan to an English speaking family of six cousins and numerous relatives. I have left Xizhou and missing it most painfully, however, I am happy and excited for all future Microcampers and the amazing experience they will experience. Be good to T and Ms. Mai!