Day 3: A Lunch to Remember...

Although yesterday had been our first full day in Xizhou, today was when we finally started to get comfortable. I am slowly adapting the ways of Microcampus, and it has been a very interesting process. Day 3 was supposed to be our training bike ride, where we were to learn how to be safe and thus get our biking license. Unfortunately, that's not what happened: my group did not get our license. Only half the group had finished their inquiry project work that resulted in all of us having to stay home.
Ana, Haley and I all went to the main square for a delicious lunch in Si Fang Jie. The village square, as usual, was filled with the many rushing locals and school students. When we sat down to eat, I finally got to try the famous-highly recommended Tafel Fried Rice, and I must say it definitely lived up to its expectations. The combination of pork, green onions, carrots, and soy sauce tasty, cultural experience I will never forget. Not only was the food amazing, but given freedom was as well. I didn't realize it at first, but the fact that our Microcampus group can be trusted to independently eat lunch in the village means we are on the right path. This trip I am uncovering in becoming clearer by the day, I am grateful for the discoveries I have made, and lessons I have learned. 


I'm sure the local lunch was

I'm sure the local lunch was FANTASTIC! It sounds delicious :) Super excited that already in 3 days you have gotten unique, and independent, experiences.
~Mr. Benedict

Hi Everyone! My name is Holly and I am so grateful to say that I am part of the "Ultimate" Microcampus Group. I am learning so much and am so lucky to experience life outside the Shanghai bubble. Not only am I focusing on a topic that I greatly enjoy, but I am able to make connections with the many locals I will soon get to know. This trip I am part of is an unforgettable experience and will "ultimately" be an amazing trip. See you guys in a month!