Day 28: Why I Went to Microcampus

At first, the reason I wanted to go to Microcampus was to just get our of my bubble and experience the life of a normal Xizhou villager. But when I got to Xizhou, I realized that it was much more. I realized that I wanted to go to Microcampus because I wanted to grow into a better person. I also wanted to not just experience the life of a villager, but to make connections with the locals and have conversations with them.

In the beginning of Microcampus, I still kind of treated it like China Alive. Now I realise that Microcampus is not just about experiencing the village and the "exotic" culture, but it is about making the best connections you can at the village. I am really grateful that I could make these connections with the people in the village. 

After I got to Xizhou, I realized that I also wanted to enjoy the food here. The restaurants here, epecially Old Town Snacks and Yard Entrance have very good food that I will miss when I get back home. I also want to come back here and learn local cuisine with Ms. Zhao, the owner of Old Town Snacks. Click here to look at my other journals.

Also, on the third week, I realised that at school, I am not really an enjoyable person, I was more of a rock at school. Microcampus has cracked that rock and opened up a better person and I am ready to bring that person back to school.


Hello, my name is Steven and I am in 8th grade Pudong campus. I can speak both Chinese and English fluently. I am passionate about music, I play trombone and guitar and sometimes compose. I am in a band called Hourglass and we perform around every six months. I am also in the swim team. My favorite stroke and my fastest stroke is breaststroke. I was in Xizhou, but now I am back in Shanghai. I am eager to show my friends and family what I have experienced and learned in Xizhou.