Day 28: Why I Come to Microcampus

Many people, such as my parents, asked me why I wanted to go to Microcampus. There is many reasons why that I want to come here. Firstly to break outside the bubble. Second, I want to be more independent. Third is to enjoy the enviroment here in Xizhou. I always heard from my friend that have been on Microcampus before that the sky is full of stars. The list goes on almost forever. I have been outside of the bubble for a whole month here on Microcampus, and I have achieved many stuffs by doing that. Microcampus is the first time that I have writen something that the information that is not from the Internet.

I now have understood more about myself then on the beginning of the trip. This trip has been educational, it has taught me a lot of things that I do not know. I learn about the stars constellations, I have done the second hardest hike, I have learned many valuable life lesson that Mr. T have told us, and after all I have a lot of fun. 

Hi guys, I am Jack Y. I am a Microcampus student and I was at Xizhou. I have a brother named Jerry and I also have a sister named Amelia. I like Microcampus because it takes me outside of my personal bubble, and I also like my project, which is Water usage/treatment. Microcampus have helped me understand a lot of things, I also understand myself better than before.