Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Some may recall, I have had a post about why I think I came to Microcampus. However, after I have attended this amazing program, I realize that some of these reasons differ from the reasons that I originally thought that they would be.

There are several reasons why I came to Microcampus. Firstly, let us start off with problem solving. In Microcampus, all of us learn to solve real world problems that do not really occur in Shanghai because we are "in the bubble". Here, we are forced to face our problems and solve them. I also came to Microcampus to appreciate everything that we take for granted in Shanghai. Here in XiZhou, we take up many of the responsibilities that the adults or others take on for us. Here, we can fully appreciate the hard work, effort, and time they put in to make our lives so comfortable. 

As Mr. Tafel said before, many of our Microcampus applications mentioned learning about culture. That part has still stayed true; we learned so much about culture by interviewing and researching for our Inquiry Projects. Also, by watching other Inquiry Projects, I learned a lot about the other aspects of XiZhou and its culture. Through the Inquiry Project and the Service Learning projects, I interacted with the locals and really got to know the elders of the village. And these are the reasons why I came to Microcampus.


Interesting to see how you

Interesting to see how you have revised your reasons for the Micorcampus trip. The impact of this trip could play a much bigger and longer role in your life than you and me can imaging now. What a great and valuable program. Proud of you being so brave and devoted in this venture.


My name is Katie, and I was 13 years old when I attended Microcampus. I was born in Virginia, but moved to Shanghai ever since I was one. Because of this, I consider myself as almost fluent in speaking in Chinese. I enjoy reading fiction, playing sports, listening to music, and travelling. Microcampus was truly an unique experience. I would definitely do it all over again if I could.