Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

I came to Microcampus to learn new things about myself and other people. I did not really know why I came until I got here. Before I got here, I knew that I had to do an Inquiry Project and that it was "serious" but in my mind, Microcampus just registered as meeting new people and fun and games. But on the second day, when everyone missed the 2:00 meeting, I knew it was more serious than fun and games. The next few days were definitely fun but after slacking off a bit on my Inquiry work and getting a bit behind, I realized that I had to be on top of my work.

The first proof of this was during the third day when I came ready to XiZhou. Because only about seven people had completed all the work needed, only those people, including me, were allowed to go on our training bike ride. After that, we were all allowed to go biking but the rest of the group was not because they did not have their training session on bikes yet. This was the first time that I realized how important it was to be on top of my work or else there would be consequences. This does not just apply to Microcampus, it applies to your whole life. You cannot just delay a task and expect it not to have a ripple effect. There will always been a consequence whether good or bad. 

This was when I learned about being responsible in Microcmapus. I learned that I have to manage my time and control what I do, when and to do it properly so that I have a good consequence, not a bad one. I alwso learned more about myself. I learned that if I really want to acheive something, if I try hard enough, I will be able to. For example on the hike, at the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I would never finish the hike, I would just stop and go back down or pretend that I had an injury. But I still continued, because somewehere in my mind, I believed that I could and that I would be able to finish the hike. And I did. I did not give up. Even though it was so tiring, I did not give up. Microcampus has taught me many lessons, the most important one being, there are always consequences.

Microcampus does not build character, it reveals it - C. Tafel

Hi guys! My name is Yun Kei. I am Singaporean and have lived in Taipei, Paris and now currently Shanghai. I am part of a family of four and my little brother is in fifth grade. Microcampus and XiZhou have made a big impact on me and I miss it very much. I miss the blue skies, the ability to talk to locals, the food and pretty much everything about it. I have made many friends and memories here and I am glad that I came.