Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

At the beginning, I mainly wanted to come to Microcampus to experience something new. This was the end of 6th grade, about 2 years ago. I had thought it was really cool that the 8th graders got to have so much independence and freedom for an entire month. It was also pretty cool how they got to study what they wanted instead of being told to study something by their teachers. It was also quite fun to get closer with a few of your other classmates and get to know more people. After a few years of becoming more and more awkward, I thought that Microcampus would be a good experience for me to interact more with strangers. It would be a good lesson on how to make friends.

I also wanted to come to Microcampus to improve my Chinese culture skills. This includes language, attitude, and understanding how people think. This was partly because my mother kept badgering me to be more involved with China. This proved to be a huge success because after living for a month here, I know now just how amazing China is. I have actually started liking learning the language and the artistic culture as well. 

In retrospect, I think the reasons why I wanted to come were correct. I have done everything I wanted and improved my personality a lot, and (even if this sounds a bit conceited) I am extremely proud of myself for making the through. I even enjoyed the hike (kind of) because of the challenges I faced and the growth I have made. 

If I could, I would definitely play Microcampus on a loop, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It not only has met each goal I wanted to achieve, but also taught me some good habits I did not anticipate. 

I am 13 years old and am finished with my time in Xizhou. I truly enjoyed every moment of my time here. I wish I could go back and have this whole experience again! I can't wait until I'm grown up so that I can become a chaperone for this program.