Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus?

Ah, the first question before I went on Microcampus was “Why do I want to go on Microcampus?”. Before I came here to Microcampus, I wanted to come here to experience rural China and to feel and to get a better understanding about rural areas in China. A big major factor was to get our of my comfort zone, to get out of the “bubble”. I wanted to take this long risk of staying in a completely new area, and study “academics” in a whole new learning experience. Now, I have a better understanding of why I really wanted to be involved in this Microcampus program, I wanted to have interactions and just make local connections with the people around me. The village of Xizhou is a small community, same people walk down the streets every morning, and we stepped out of our “comfort” zone of saying ‘hi’ to other people and with confidence say hi, to strike a conversation, to make more connections with the people around.

There is a new perspective on the question on "Why I came to Microcampus?" what was the real reason that I wanted to come here. I have ended my experience here Xizhou with wonderful memories and local connections, I have made Xizhou my home. I realized that I wanted to experience rural China like never before, getting this special opportunity to stay in rural China for a whole month made me feel part of the community, as well as keeping my responsibility and my role here in Xizhou and the Linden Centre. The real motive was to enjoy this feeling, the feelings of accomplishments and the feelings of gaining something entirely new. 

Many would say that this is the end of Microcampus, but Microcampus to my belief is the experiece and the knowledge that you take with you. Many things come to an end, an journey always have limitations, but what you take from that journey is what you will take with you forever. 

Overall, here in Xizhou, being involved in the Microcampus Program, I have enjoyed every minute of this whole new experience. being able to think out of the bubble at the same time, being outside of the bubble was quite interesting. This new type of learning experience has impacted in many ways, and I can't wait to share and expand this learning experience. 

I am 13 years old and an eighth grade student in Shanghai American School Pudong. I was born in Korea but stayed in the United States for two years before moving to Shanghai. I have stayed in Shanghai for 5 years and has been in SAS for 4 and a half years. The hobbies that I enjoy are soccer, basketball, and reading. The languages I can speak is Korean, English, and a little bit of Chinese. I have had an spectacular journey, staying in Xizhou for a whole month. My stay in Xizhou and the memories will stick with me forever.