Day 28: Why I came to Microcampus

There are a lot of reasons why I came to microcampus, although not all of them are necessarily good reasons. One main reason why I wanted to go on this trip was to get out of the bubble and see the real world. I have been living in China for six years and my family only just went to the great wall last year, so I have not really been to the real China which is what microcampus is. After being here for an entire month I have done so much that I did not expect. We spent so much time in nature observing and becoming aware of things no one in big cities is aware of. We were constantly exploring so much, listening and learning from the elders in Xizhou about their past and Xizhou's past which is what I expected because you don't do things like that in the "bubble". I came here because I knew it would be a great experience and it was 100% thanks to Mr.T, Ms.Mai, Xiao Tang, all the Mr. Yang's, the Mr.Zhaos, and Mr.Li and all the other local people of XIzhou. I thank all of them for making this a memorable experience.


Microcampus sounds like a lot

Microcampus sounds like a lot of fun, what you wrote made me think that I should apply for microcampus in 8th grade. It will be great to get in touch with nature and do things you can't do in the "bubble", because not only is SAS a "bubble", but shanghai is a even bigger "bubble". Everything in shanghai is tall buildings, cars, polluted air, grey sky, you can't sense nature here although it is a bit better than beijing. And I suppose this is also and eye opening experience. You said at the beginning that there are also reasons that were not good that led to you applying for the trip, do you mind sharing these reasons?

Hi Angelina, 

Hi Angelina, 

The only reasons I doubted signing up on this trip is because I didn't think I was ready to leave my very comfortable home for an entire month. Other than that I really wanted to go, and I think you should sign up too because its a great experience.

I think it is great the you

I think it is great the you wanted to go to the Microcampus. How would you describe "the real China" and did you see what you wanted to see in Xizhou? You said you had some reasons to come that weren't good reasons, what do you mean by that? What was your favourite moment during the trip? If you could, would you like to go to Microcampus again? I would like to go when I'm in 8th grade.

Hi Armin, I hope you are

Hi Armin, I hope you are feeling better. It looks like you really enjoyed microcampus. It is cool that you got to get out of the "bubble" and enjoy rural china. It looked like a way different experience than here in China. The hike that you took looked really cool(and windy). The view from the top of the mountain looked beautiful. It's also cool that you got to learn about the people that lived there. It really helped show that you cared about them.

How is life

Hi, hows life in the micro-campus? What was your inquiry project, was it fun? I can't wait to be able to go there. Is mr. Tafel being good to you? He is my teacher.I'd like to get out of the bubble too, i think it might be similar to china alive. I think you had fun there. What is the place's land scape like? I've seen many of you guys' journals, many people got sick, how did that happen?

Hi Daniel, 

Hi Daniel, 

Microcampus was really fun for me not just because I got to get away from my parents and the "bubble" but also because it is completely new and different. Its nothing like China alive, because China Alive doesn't teach you anything abotu China and you don't really learn anything. Over microcampus you learn how to become independent and learn new things everyday. Also I was one of four people who got sick because of something we ate, also because we were getting a little homesick near the end. 

You are welcome

Armin, you are most welcome! One of Mr. Zhao, a lovely one from YZR always talk about you, all GOOD on YOU, I promise ;) I have to say the decisive reason to get you on board is really awesome!

Hey, I'm Armin. I'm 13 years old, I like playing basketball, swimming and running, also I love pretty much any kind of food. I am lucky enough to be on the B4 Microcampus trip. I have spent most of my life in Shanghai and at the American School, so I don't exactly know what it feels like to actually live in China. Now that I am finally here I'm exicted to learn more about my Inquiry Project and just learning about what its like to live in Xizhou.