Day 28: Why I Came To Microcampus

Today I will be talking about why I chose to come to microcampus.

In the beginning, I thought of microcampus as a month of trail college. There was the freedom, the teachers, the new experiences, and most of all the independence. Before the trip, I thought that microcampus was just a chance to improve my Chinese as well as find out more about the Chinese culture. During the course of this trip, my thoughts have been quite accurate although I know I have gained even more than I expected. I came to microcampus because I wanted a new experience. I wanted to get out of this "bubble" everyone was talking about. I wanted to be able to be independent and learn all these new things. And now that I have come to the end, I reflect back on all those memories I had with the fearless microcampus group, with the locals, the villagers, the staff here at the Linden Center and so on. My love for the area has just grown so fast and so greatly. During these 28 days I have spent living here in Xi Zhou, I have learnt so many new things and have experienced so much more than I could ever imagine. I really love microcampus becuase it teaches you how to live in real life. Most problems you encounter during these microcampus trips are real life problems and will always happen in the future. After spending so much time here in this small village of Xi Zhou, I now feel a strong connection to this area.

This trip has taught me to get out of my comfort zone and has pushed me into the real world. I have truely enjoyed this ride along with 15 other people I now count as family. I had such a wonderful time here and I could not have every thought of a better way to spend a month. I am now capable of going out and just casually interact with locals, I am now able to be strong and solve any problems the come along the way, I am now able to see and plan ahead of time, I am now confident and ready to start fresh. I am now fearless.



Jing Rong, I love your reflections for I know these words truly tell what's in your heart. What a journey of a life time and as you rightly stated, this is as close as you can get what real life is, for a young student your age. As I follow this journey day by day, I was hit by a myraid of emotions when I see how slowly you transformed in the last 28 days. Moments like when you embraced and enjoyed each and every one of the new experiences -  the village, its people, the culture, the festivities and the cuisine, when you took calculated risk in the Trivia Night all in the spirit of fun and not solely in being the champion, when you scaled the mountain for the challenging 3 days hike despite the feeling of fear and uncertainties, when you faced with repeated rejection in finding a Service Learning partner but continue to push on, when you work so hard in meeting dateline when in fact you are battling harder with an old demon - procrastination, when you took time to shop and create a special dessert and share with the people that meant so much to you. To summarize, I see a higher level of courage, perseverance, respect and the all inclusive love. And Yes, to ahieve this, one needs to be fearless.

The journey does not end here, for the process of transformation continues. This experience should serve as  a stronger platform for you to scale higher, in all the undertakings of your life.


Welcome home.


I'm a 16 year-old Singaporean with a lot of hobbies including playing the guitar and piano, and other artistic related things! I had such a wonderful time in Xi Zhou and will hopefully return someday. The month I spent in Xi Zhou will never be regretted, and all the memories made there are now part of me. I really do miss Xi Zhou, and if any active microcampus participance ever need any advice or what not, always feel free to ask! ♡♡