Day 28: Why I came to microcampus?

For the past twenty eight days I made plenty of mistakes, but the important thing is that I learn from those mistakes. I am very glad that I had the chance to learn and grow. This opportunity gave me a chance to see myself and get out of my comfort zone. If I didn’t go to microcampus, I don’t think I would have ever saw the true me. The reason why I came to microcampus is very complicated, but it is also very simple. In one word, my reason is “try”. In a sentence my reason is, “to try something new for the first time”. Before the trip started my reason for coming to microcampus was very different from the reason right now. My second reason is “I came to microcampus to make mistakes...” 

Now you might be thinking: What can mistakes do to you? My answer is you can learn from them and actually not make those mistakes again and thats all... Just by knowing that mistakes are good for me, I think that microcampus is worth it.


(I will never forget this beautiful and amazing experience. It will always be my home. If I had a chance to join microcampus again I would be very glad)


Bye Xizhou....

Miss you Forever,

I think im crying right now,

This is the weirdest journal ever...


Love from Catherine

I was there... A place where there was orange soil, fresh air, white clouds and red sunsets. A place where there was green grass and blue skies. Also a place without pollution. I am a 13 year old girl who is now in Shanghai. I was born in a very polluted city; but in a very short period of my life, I was here. A place anyone will call paradise. A place where I can call home for 28 days. This experience changed me. I learned from my mistake. I fell over and stood up. I started as a seed but now I am a tree. Xizhou town I will never forget you. I will never forget the people who use to live in Room 9 or YZR. I will never forget the smell of the wooden floor and the sound of birds chirping. This is an end, a memory, and a wonderful beginning.