Day 28: Why I came to Microcampus

I came to Microcampus because I wanted to learn something that I would not learn in shanghai. Experiance something that would not be possible in side the bubble. BE preresented with challenges that could only be solved by me and me alone. And they would be solved because I was able to interact with the enviorment around me and accoplish these goals. I came to Microcampus because I knew it was something that I had to take on as a challenge and I feel like I passed the test.

Hi 你好 my name is Jacob. I was born in Taipei Taiwan. I am a American and Canadian citizen. I lived in Taiwan for 11 and a half years. I then moved to the US for 2 and now I live in Shanghai. So I am a 3rd culture kid! I love airports and traveling around the world. Never have had a Twinkie. I had a great experience at XiZhou the best part for me most likely was the silence, and of course the food.