Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

There are many reasons of why I wanted to go to microcampus in the beginning, but towards the end I realized my answers were very different. I first wanted to come for experiential learning, personal growth, to have a positive impact, and to expand my intercultural understanding. I heard of microcampus last year from the 8th graders that came last year. They said microcampus was the best year of their life, and told me all about it. I was unable to attend the microcampus meeting last year, but soon after it I learned everything I needed to know about microcampus. It seemed like an amazing experience that I would never forget. But now, I realize I wanted to come to microcampus for a different reason. I came her to be outside of "the bubble" and to experience new things. Microcampus has moved me outside of my comfort zone. Microcampus has been the best month of my life.


Hello, my name is Rory and I love participating in Microcampus. I was excited for Microcampus because I love to learn through real-life experiences, an now I know it is more than I expected. Since next year with be my last year in Shanghai, I would like to end it by taking away more Chinese culture. Ever since I have moved to China, I have always been interested and in-awe of unique culture of the Chinese. Also, I love learning and experiencing new things. Microcampus has been an amazing adventure and experience so far, and I can't wait for what will come next.