Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

All my past journal entries have been about my days at Microcampus or while I was preparing to come to Microcampus. The real question was what compelled me to come to Microcampus. In sixth grade, when I was first introduced to Microcampus, I was attracted to the program because it was a month spent somewhere far away from home. I was intrigued and wanted to experience something new. Then in eighth grade, there were a lot of aspects of Microcampus that captured my attention. A month in the country side, a month working on something different (Inquiry Project and Service Learning), taking care of daily chores (laundry and dishes), and studying a topic that we wished to study (in addition to our original school work). All of this captured my heart, and that was the reason why I signed up.

But as I came to Xizhou, and I experienced the Microcampus program, I came to realize the real reason why I chose to come here. I wanted to become an individual able to make the right decisions, to grow as a person, and to learn what the 'real world' is like. As I stayed in Xizhou, I had to make decisions about SAS Essentials, and completing all of my mandatory school work back at SAS, as well as directing my Inquiry Project and helping execute the Service Learning project. Every action to execute has a consequence, although not always bad. Back in the 'bubble', I was sheltered from the choppy waves that were produced from the ripple, and never had a chance to experience life to the fullest. In Xizhou, every action I made had a consequence, good and bad. As I was enveloped in Microcampus, I was exposed to the 'real world', and saw the effects of the ripple; how sometimes the ripples had a tremendous negative effect, and where there was almost no ripple effect, and had a positive impact on my surroundings. And then I realized, this was why I came to Microcampus. To become someone that will direct my future, and be aware of everything around me, and change it, in a positive way.


You are growing up!

Anna - I think this is my favorite blog entry of yours so far... It shows how much you have grown during this period and have become even more responsible than before. Your Mother and I are so proud of you! You already know right from wrong, how to respect others, are always looking for ways to grow and improve yourself, and feel compelled to make the world a better place. We could not ask for a more responsible and caring daughter! I hope you enjoy your last few days in Xizhou. I am spending perhaps my last days with your Grandpa Keith. He also lived a full life and touched many peoples' lives in a positive way. You also touched him and gave him great joy with your cheerful and caring personality. I am a lucky son and father... Love - Dad

Hello, I am Anna! I am 13 years old, and I have been at SAS for four years. When I first heard about the Microcampus program in sixth grade, I was ecstatic, and was ready to go, but was greatly disappointed when I was told it was for eighth graders only. I was apart of the Dynamite group, and greatly enjoyed the Microcampus experience. There were so many new things I was introduced to, and I strongly recommend anyone who is even slightly interested to look into it more.