Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Why I came to Microcampus.

Why did I come to Microcampus? 

I had no specific reason for coming other than that I enjoy new opportunities and chances. I remember seeing a few eighth graders in my class disappear for a while and come back presenting these monotonous slideshows. Listening to presentations from 8th graders about this experience, Microcampus, had never actually interested me. Only once reaching grade 8 and listening to Mr. Tafel present about the month long learning program in front of the entire grade that then, I was interested. 

I loved the idea of getting away from the classroom and experiencing a whole different form of learning. Throwing the textbooks out, getting out and talking and learning through that. I guess the idea of expanding my inter-cultural understanding and learning through new forms and ways was intriguing to me. This was just one of many reasons for my interest in Microcampus.Other than that, before going to Xizhou, I was just generally interested in these types of learning opportunities. It seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime chance that was only available to me at this time and only here. I was extremely determined to not let this chance get away.

After this month, however, I realized that there were more reasons and a greater purpose for this experience. I realized that before coming here, I was never aware of others. I mean, I was, but not in the way that Microcampus has taught me. I realized that almost every person I pass by in almost every place has their own separate story and unique history that opens up a new door and opportunity for learning. If not for this experience I would not have learned to make these connections.

These connections were able to help me learn more about the culture, the community, as well as about the history of the area. It opened a new form of learning and allowed me to be able to expand my inter-cultural understanding, one of the main goals of this trip. In addition to this, learning to talk to strangers helped me grow and learn more about myself as a person as well. Because of this experience I have been able to takeaway new lessons from new people that are now a part and a dear memory in my life. 

I came to Microcampus in order to grow as a person, in order to learn more about myself, in order to expand my inter-cultural understanding, and for a new opportunity.

Hi, I'm Shirley X. and I was part of the 2018 Voyagers Group. I am from the United States but moved here to Shanghai in the sixth grade. After returning from Microcampus, I feel as though the experience has shaped and changed me in so many different aspects. The month long journey has helped me grow and I have learned so many lessons from the locals, the teachers, as well as my peers and hope to be able to return to the sensational town and community of Xizhou one day. After this, I will continue to apply everything I have learned to my life and onwards.